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Digital marketing is essential for startups and launching new businesses within a company.
Please feel free to reach out for IT support and consultations!

If you're going to borrow,
go for an engineer's skill over a cat's paw!

With support that reaches the itch, you won't need a grandchild's helping hand.
A solid lineup in both system and web will lead to success.

Health monitoring and caregiving!
Essential and accessible apps for the modern society.

Stay connected with distant family members, ensuring their safety, quickly checking on their well-being, and using messaging features to keep the family connected. In both regular times and times of disaster, we support each other within the community through "public assistance, mutual assistance, and self-help."


Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha! Laughter echoes, creating a cheerful atmosphere within the company, just like a group of laugh-inducing comedy.
Sharing a laugh with someone connects our bodies and emotions, fostering a sense of unity. It results in producing better outcomes through optimal teamwork.

Creating “Warai-笑-”and passing on to the next generation

Laughter is known to have a significant impact on health and longevity, improving the functions of the respiratory and immune system. Even smiling has proved to make you feel more positive about yourself, as well as facilitate communication.


Transforming everyday inconveniences into comfort with the knowledge and technical expertise cultivated over many years!

We, at UpReach, are here to help solve your business challenges through IT services such as system and app development, as well as web design. We aim to be your IT strategy partner and provide you with the best creative solutions. Please share your ideals and ideas with us so that we can identify and visualize what will become the core of your corporate value. We will refine and enhance it, ultimately contributing to the development of businesses and society by delivering "value" that addresses the new needs of modern society.


Founded in July 1998, we have been primarily engaged in the development of general-purpose systems and website creation. Since the establishment of UpReach in September 2016, we have focused on application development. Our in-house product development and service operation are utilized by numerous organizations. Our experienced engineers work to assist you in realizing your business objectives and solving challenges through systems.
Our services include:
System and Application Development
Web and Design Production
Consultation on IT and Digital Solutions

System and Application Development

Information Technology (IT) is now indispensable for business management, contributing to revenue growth and cost reduction. We set evaluation objectives aligned with your business plan, analyze both current operations and related systems, and propose improvement measures in line with the evaluation objectives.

WEB and Design

Our design proposals involve a thorough understanding of your products or services, identifying the essence and value that directly relate to your business challenges. We aim to make these aspects more accessible and visually engaging. For the web, it's about designing for interactivity, while in graphics, it's about creating eye-catching materials for print!

IT and Marketing

We understand the issues and challenges on the system and infrastructure level, and we approach them with a business perspective to find solutions. Regardless of the industry or sector, IT investment is a crucial aspect of driving digital transformation (DX). We listen to your business strategy and support the development of IT investment plans to achieve those goals.


In-house product development and operational services.
Metell Metell LIFE Metell FAMILY

Metell is a health monitoring (temperature checking) app developed by UpReach. It was initially developed in response to the inconvenience felt by employees during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over time, its usage has evolved.

Metell LIFE is a community-based caregiving app that promotes self-help, mutual assistance, and public assistance, aiming to create a "caring society." It has received the Social Products Award 2023 in the "Social Products" category.

Metell FAMILY is a gentle caregiving app that helps you stay connected with distant family members. It provides peace of mind for everyone in the family without burdening those being cared for, ensuring heartfelt caregiving. It can also collaborate with community leaders and local neighborhood associations!

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